EUDI Bologna March 2018

How to tell a passion? How to explain what drives me to the deep sea? What fascinates me about extreme apnea?
Involving the listener is another challenge that I accepted and that saw me on the EUDI stage in Bologna on March 4th 2018 edition.

The EUDI is the most important European event dedicated to the world of diving and having the opportunity to talk about extreme deep spearfishing gives me the opportunity to emphasize as the spearfishing is the only form of sustainable fishing in perfect harmony with nature and with the history of man.

Fishermen in apnea, at any depth, you do not improvise. Passion is the engine but then there is technique, training, knowledge of one’s body and above all the awareness of the physical and environmental laws of this submersed world.

That’s why I talked about the way I approached spearfishing as a child, how I have refined the technique of apnea, about the constant training that push me further and further.

I talked about my first results on the wrecks in Calabria, the charm and the mystery that surrounds them and the risks that run to go fishing in apnea on them.

I talked about safety: how you should never go diving alone; of the symptoms in order to recognize a “blackout” at the sea and my continuous research on the “Taravana” syndrome.

But above all I could tell the philosophy of spearfishing that does not affect a precious and unique ecosystem as the sea is.