Mr. Pierluigi Leggeri

LOOK FOR THE EXTREME (I’m the only one who has come up here and no one else…)

I have always been fascinated by the extreme places. These are far from the contamination of man, by his frequent attendance. These are places of perfect and precarious natural equilibrium. Timeless places, inhospitable, hard, fascinating: there we can only be passing.. Some of these are unexpectedly close, others immensely remote. In some I have been, at the bottom of the sea, in so many others not yet and the attraction is strong.

Pierluigi Leggeri

The sea is something that is born in you. You don’t look for it, but it is the sea that finds you and, when it happens, you can not leave it.

I was born in a seaside town. Blue and salt are part of my DNA and part of my history. Already when I was a child I fell in love with it at first sight… I looked at it, I was enchanted and made a promise to it without realizing it: “I will never leave you!“. I loved apnea immediately; during the summers that I spent in Calabria, I was fascinated by the local fishermen’s stories, the myth of their catch and adventures to the edge of recklessness. I wondered, who knows what’s under the sea and I still do myself this question because it is the curiosity that feeds the desire to do and put yourself to the test. The charm of fishing and dive into a mysterious element are fed by this curiosity and curiosity creates the challenge.


Fishing is one of the oldest human activities, linked to the instinct of human survival. Today, practiced in industrial and unscrupulous level, is considered one of the most destructive human activities towards equilibrium of ecosystems. This is injustice: the excessive and blind exploitation of the sea. The spearfishing, is the most sustainable form of fishing; is practiced in an element where we have very limited time to stay: seconds, minutes for some trained person. In the sea we have poor movement speed in comparison to fish and we use very rudimentary weapons like guns that shoot arrows at no more than a few meters. The spearfishing made on a few adult specimens does not alter the balance of the marine environment.


Challenge myself, improve myself. Reach a limit and understand it, then overcome itUnconsciousness first mentioned turns into self-knowledge. I want to discover far I can go, how far I can push myself. I like to be the first to reach a seabed. I like being the only one to have fished there in those conditions, but above all I like to measure myself with the sea. I’m human and I already know that the sea will always win, however, touch the impossible attracts me and touch it at sea is my passion.


It is by no means said that the material capture of a large fish specimen is the most exciting thing! In the underwater world there is much more to capture with your eyes than with a spear gun and a photographic capture remains forever in your memories and in those with whom you share it. I love discovering the most remote corners that a beautiful destination offers, the most unexplored, with the greatest potential to observe an undisturbed nature. I love doing it in apnea because in this way I feel part of that sea corner.

Pierluigi Leggeri


The sea is a world to itself and, when we approach it, we must understand its laws and respect them because the sea is a source of life; nothing could exist without the sea.

The challenge with the sea is unheard of. He always wins. Every time I dive I know what I’m going to meet, but only for what concerns me, because what is under the water is never completely predictable.

Pierluigi Leggeri