Ras Mohammed: the battle between sea and desert

Egypt. Extreme southern headline of the Sinai Peninsula.
All around it is desert, rock and fiery sand. The summer temperature reaches 50 °.

The sun and the heat dictate the laws, as it is in every desert. They cancel everything, even the noise. It seems that the Earth breathes heavily to preserve the lives of those few animals that populate the territory: some reptile, some hawk, and sometimes camels which observe indifferent who passes by.

This arid expanse is the natural park of Ras Mohammed.


To get there from the nearby Sharm El Sheik you have to embark or take an hour to drive, better at daybreak … when the heat is not overpowering

But the magic of life explodes in the water that surrounds this peninsula in a continuous battle between opposites.

The shape of the coast is particular and favors, along with the currents, the proliferation of coral. The Reef balances everything and creates one of the richest ecosystems in the world.

Diving here is wonderful. The rocky sea bed rushes to hundreds of feet immediately, making me feel the thrill of looking over the abyss.

The fishes fill the intense blue with their colors.Schools of Red Snappers, Bat Fishes, Jackfishes and Greater amberjacks.

Swimming and diving in apnea in this cliff is an exciting challenge: in the face of a great visibility in water, the currents tend to fortify themselves on the headland and in passing between the outer Reef and the shore, making it sometimes extremely difficult to win them even by swimming with long fins.

Vale la pena però correre qualche rischio pur di assistere a tanta bellezza e a qualche incontro fuori misura come con i tonni dente di cane, con grossi pesci napoleone, enormi trigoni e aquile di mare… It is worth, however, take some risks in order to attend such beauty and some outsize meetings with Dogtooth Tuna, with large Napoleonfishes,with huge Stingrays and with Eagle rays.

…and finally even manta rays!

Going northward, to complete this incredible experience, I get myself into the mangrove canal, another amazing show: roots which grow on the contrary in salt water!

and then … a truly unique and special encounter with two huge green turtles in copuling.

I follow them, to photograph them without disturbing them, in depth up to 20-25 meters and without using the flash … almost without color, with the desire to remain suspended in the undefined dancing together with them.

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